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Fundamentals are Good in Commercial REITs

Debra Spadafora

This is a great Roundtable Discussion with Robert White of Real Capital Analytics and Joe Betlej of Advantus Capital Management regarding commercial REITs. Reading!

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Area Attractions

Misty J. Slater

Among Weston’s many attractive features is its claim to one of the newest medical centers in the State of Florida, the Cleveland Clinic, featuring one of the most advanced full-service hospitals in the area. The city also boasts the popular Weston Town Center featuring exceptional shops, fine dining, and events such as concerts, art gallery showings and talent shows for children. Due to its emphasis on promoting a strong sense of community, the City of Weston offers an excess of...Continue Reading!

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Mizner Park

Misty J. Slater

In order to modernize and bring new life to Boca Raton’s downtown district, the city established Mizner Park, a popular attraction amongst residents and visitors that features a bustling collection of high-end boutiques, trendy bars and restaurants, and upscale residential and commercial condominiums all in a tropical outdoor setting. Referred to by locals as the “Village Within the City,” Mizner Park is not only the home to Boca Raton’s premier nightlife and exclusive shopping mall, but also houses the...Continue Reading!

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Boca Raton Resort and Country Club

Misty J. Slater

One of the most acclaimed attractions of Boca Raton also constitutes one of the city’s most historic sites. Erected in 1926 by architect Addison Mizner, the infamous pink-colored Boca Raton Resort and Country Club represents one of the top destination resorts and private country clubs in the nation. The elaborate Mediterranean-style Boca Raton Resort and Club spans over 350-acres and boasts every lavish amenity conceivable, including two championship golf courses, 30 tennis courts, an extensive spa, array of...Continue Reading!

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Berkshire Eyeing Part the Countrywide?

EWM Marketing

This mornings Wall Street Journal offers a little food for thought. There is talk in the investment world that Berkshire Hathaway may be in the market to purchase certain parts of Countrywide's business. Well all know that Mr. Buffet loves a good buy and currently Countrywide's stock has been beaten down by the turmoil in the credit markets. Berkshire Hathaway already has significant holdings in Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America so the addition of...Continue Reading!

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Biscayne National Park

Misty J. Slater

Residents may enjoy the natural beauty that the Cutler Bay community has to offer or take in the sights of nearby Biscayne National Park. The Park boasts a magnificent mangrove shoreline, pristine turquoise waters, and an array of recreational activities and impressive wildlife. Visitors to the park can try their hand at such activities as boating, hiking, camping or fishing or merely sit back and enjoy the remarkable views of the hardwood hammocks forest and its collection of...Continue Reading!

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Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Misty J. Slater

Cutler Bay is located near an array of intriguing attractions that are sure to delight residents and visitors of all ages. One of particular note is the Gold Coast Railroad Museum located in southern Dade County and representing one of the nation’s finest railroad museums, offers a collection of extraordinary pieces such as the private railroad car built for President Franklin Roosevelt and rescue engines that were used in some of Florida’s greatest hurricanes. In addition to exhibits...Continue Reading!

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Coral Castle

Misty J. Slater

One of Homestead’s most celebrated attractions is its mystifying Coral Castle. Created by Ed Leedskalnin in an attempt to win back the love of his young fiancé, the structure built from 1,100 tons of stone and free of the use of technology or mortar has long baffled scientists and engineers. Although much controversy has arisen in regards to the construction of the Coral Castle, it serves as a fascinating and thought-provoking attraction exclusive to the small-town city of...Continue Reading!

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Homestead Sports Complex and Homestead Miami Speedway

Misty J. Slater

Homestead provides many exciting attractions for the avid sports fan. The city is home to the Homestead Sports Complex, an extensive training facility geared to supporting every level of baseball, and the Homestead-Miami Speedway, a racetrack exclusive to South Florida and the host of the Ford Championship Weekend. The speedway was constructed in an effort to provide the city of Homestead with initial relief and help the city overcome the destructive damage caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992....Continue Reading!

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Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport

Misty J. Slater

One of only two airports in Miami, the Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport is also located in Kendall. Owned and operated by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, it is not certified for commercial-use, but is home to 450 aircrafts and is a popular corporate aviation terminal.Continue Reading!

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