Parks in Village of Pinecrest Part 2 – Want Tennis or a Birthday Party?

Betty Brandon

tennis-racquets-in-air.jpg coral-pine-park-sign-250-pixels.JPGYesterday I wrote a blog about the ground-breaking for Flagler Grove Park in the Village of Pinecrest. I told you that for the next 6 days I would give you a little more specific information about the current six actively used parks in Pinecrest. Today’s subject is Coral Pine Park. I’ve sometimes heard people refer to it as Coral Pine Park and Tennis Center. Just a few blocks east of Flagler Grove, it is located at 6955 SW 104 Street. It is one of three former Miami-Dade County parks that were transferred to the Village of Pinecrest in 1998 following the 1996 incorporation.

It’s a fabulous, lush nine acres that truly ads to the quality of life in Pinecrest. The six lighted tennis courts, playground, natural area, large all-purpose field and a recreation center which was renovated in 2002 at a cost of $165,00 make it a perfect park for all ages. Because bounce houses, poney rides, train rides and all sorts of children’s party equipment except water slides624719_bouncy_castle_with_kids.jpg are allowed (regular inflatable slides are OK), it is the scene of many parties for children. Adults are able to sit in the air conditioned area with a direct view of the playground. The facility is booked very far in advance; so if you are planning a child’s party there you must call very early. The phone number is 305-668-7258. You should also call in advance to reserve tennis courts. When I dropped by on a week day afternoon around 2:00 PM while school was in session several mothers had casually placed their picnic lunches on the picnic tables just outside the recreation center. Some sat on the benches closer to the playground equipment while the children played. It was all so peaceful and nice. Drop by this park. You’ll experience a wonderful calm feeling – as long as you aren’t on one of the tennis courts.


Tomorrow I’ll tell you about one more of the three parks that were transferred to Village of Pinecrest from Miami-Dade County in 1998.

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    EWM Realtors » Parks in Village of Pinecrest Part 2 – Want Tennis or a Birthday Party?

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    […]EWM Realtors » Parks in Village of Pinecrest Part 2 – Want Tennis or a Birthday Party?[…]

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    EWM Realtors » Parks in Village of Pinecrest Part 2 – Want Tennis or a Birthday Party?

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    EWM Realtors » Parks in Village of Pinecrest Part 2 – Want Tennis or a Birthday Party?

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