Landmark Estate in Snapper Creek Lakes

Darlene B. Dale, P.A.

Landmark Estate

Across from the world renowned “Fairchild Gardens” on historic Old Cutler Road, lies the tranquil community of Snapper Creek Lakes Estates where lush tropical foliage frames stately homes on winding roads that transport one to a quieter and place.

Within this enclave is a long-admired, architectural masterpiece of authentic English Tudor design. With over 25 years of experience in marketing Miami’s most luxurious residential properties, I am proud to include the timeless grandeur of this estate among my available listings. Enter this enchanted setting through a circular drive among natural massive oaks and mature tropical foliage. With its steep gabled roods, half-timbering, stone accents and numerous stained and leaded glass windows, this incomparable executive estate is an eloquent statement of design and privacy. A private living room with built-in bookcases leads to soaring two-story ceiling in Great Room with a 25’ fireplace which is the focus of family living. Formal Arts & Crafts dining room features fir wainscoting and beamed ceiling. Updated kitchen opens to inviting breakfast room with wrap-around windows. On the second level is the expansive master suite with adjoining office and direct access to the pool and tennis court. Another level affords complete privacy with three family bedrooms and baths in this wing. Separate staff quarters are located near the laundry and 2-car garage on the lower level. The adjoining guesthouse features the same impressionistic effect with two story ceilings, stained glass windows and stone accents throughout. With a full bath and bonus room, this spacious area can be a study, guest quarters or recreation room. This remarkable New England retreat, meticulously maintained, is ready for the most discriminating family. This unique property is a perfect opportunity for someone desiring to be in the Snapper Creek Lakes community at close to land value and they will have the opportunity to refurbish to their own taste. Snapper Creek Lakes’ supreme location with access to the area’s finest schools in combination with its family oriented lifestyle, make this classic English Manor an incredible value. Dockage and marine facilities for the yachtsman are available in the private Yacht Basin with direct access to Biscayne Bay. Guardhouse with full staff plus dock master provides daily security. Membership Requirements.

The serious sellers are relocating back to New England, leaving this beautiful estate and have reduced the price to $2,950,000. To view a video with narrative of this desirable estate go to: a private appointment to view this unique Estate, you can call me at anytime at 305-773-6218 or email me at

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