Living in South Miami, High Pines, and Coral Gables – High Pines Single Pines Real Estate

TK Heatley

As of Dec. 11, 2009, MLX reported that there were 14 active single family homes listed for sale in High Pines. This is the same # as of my last report as of November 23,2009. However, there were some changes. The listing at 7240 SW 53 Pl closed while the listing at 7821 SW 54 Ct was cancelled . 2 new listings were added., 5130 SW 74 Terr for $749,000 and 7310 SW 53 Ct. for $550,000.The 2 closings in the neighborhood were 7240 SW 53 Pl which sold for $492,500 against a list price of $550,000 and 5355 SW 78 St. which sold for $465,000 against a list price$499,00. It is interesting to note that the older homes continue to be attractive to buyers. 7240 SW 53 Pl. was built in 1953 and 5355 SW 78 St. was built in 1960.There are 3 pending sales in High Pines with 2 built in 2007 and 1 built in 2008, and all were listed above $1,100,000. It will be interesting to see what these close at as there has only been 1  single family sale in High Pines recorded in MLX above $550,000 in the last 6 months.

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