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Reflecting on 2010, I’d say luxe Miami Beach real estate bustled. While I maintain Miami Beach’s market hit bottom in ’09, I led many buyers and sellers on the wheel and deal as they vied for the best in waterfront estates, ocean and bay front condos and commercial interests. Here’s a glimpse into my year:…

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[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=101231170943-09229bdc48754f5c833fa85717d8b62a docname=islandernews12-30-10 username=ewmrealtors loadinginfotext=%22the%20ewm%20page%22%20in%20The%20Islander%20News%2012.30.10 showhtmllink=true tag=the%20key width=420 height=650 unit=px] Click on property images for more information.

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[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=101231170624-439d1ee783c04d5eb609c69d539e5a80 docname=ssd2321720 username=ewmrealtors loadinginfotext=%22the%20ewm%20page%22%20in%20Sun%20Sentinel%20West%201.02.11 showhtmllink=true tag=ewmsmartliving width=420 height=440 unit=px] Click on property images for more information.

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[issuu showflipbtn=true autoflip=true autofliptime=6000 documentid=101231151427-dc0d974cd502499eaa0c62915e072f27 docname=ewm_miami-dade_mailer_jan-feb_2011 username=ewmrealtors loadinginfotext=EWM%20Miami-Dade%20Mailer%20Jan-Feb%202011 =true tag=ewmrealtors width=420 height=280 unit=px] Click on property photo for full details

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The home located at 4390 Ingraham Highway closed this month for a sales price of $430,000 (it was a short sale listed at $650,000).   I showed the house several times to clients when it was on the market but it did have a few issues.    First of all it needed completely gutted on the interior and second there were concerns that it might…

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I have a piece of advice to offer all buyers and sellers out there… must do whatever it takes to keep the deal moving forward.  I cannot tell you how many times someone has backed out of a contract due to a lapse of time or slow response from the other party.   The scenario typically happens during the re-negotiation…

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[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=101229140758-a3c9eeffe923465981026f840cad654d docname=the_ewm_page_01.02.11 username=ewmrealtors loadinginfotext=%22the%20ewm%20page%22%20for%2001.02.11 =true tag=ewmreltors width=420 height=865 unit=px] Click on property photo for more information.

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Did you ever wonder if the people sitting in the cafes in Paris, Florence,Naples,Positano or even Amsterdam…have jobs, have work they must do, have houses to clean, have children to look after, have deadlines to meet?  How can they be enjoying that third cup of coffee and leaning back to get the suns rays and…

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When you enter Snapper Creek Lakes you feel as if you are in another world.  It is certainly the furthest thing from the crowded McMansions that you see in many other South Florida neighborhoods.  The lot sizes are large (averaging 50,000 square feet) and the homes are sprawling (all the way up to 15,000 square feet). …

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Pine Manor is a townhouse project that was completed in 2008.  The complex has 42 units and shares a similar master design plan of Oak Lane which we have written about in the past (click here) .  Pine Manor has a more laid back style, tucked away in the residential neighborhood of High Pines, borders South Miami…

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