Riley Smith Launches Two (Yes Two) New Real Estate Blogs!!

Riley Smith

Well the time has come for The Real Estate Coconut to expand.  Yes I will always be THE Coconut Grove real estate expert.  Coconut Grove is my home, my life and my passion.  But in reality, my real estate transactions take me all over the map and I have a lot of knowledge to share about other communities in South Florida.


So for the past few months I have been hard at work developing two new real estate blogs.  The first, will cover everything from Deering Bay to the Golden Triangle.  And the second,  will cover real estate news in South Miami, High Pines and Ponce Davis areas.


So enjoy and I hope that you find them as equally interesting and informative as The Real Estate Coconut

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  1. James R Venney

    Congratulations Riley…you are indeed blazing a bold trail.

  2. Riley Smith

    Thanks James, and we are looking forward to some good content from to syndicate.

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