Living in South Miami, High Pines and South Coral Gables- South Gables Single Family Residential Real Estate

TK Heatley

The South Gables is the area of Coral Gables between South Dixie Highway and Biscayne Bay with Old Cutler Road as the major north/south artery. Because of its picturesque roads, proximity to Biscayne Bay, and beautiful homes the South Gables has  attracted financially successful individuals, and its homes have been some of the more expensive in Miami-Dade County. There are a lot of single family homes for sale, but there are not nearly as many short sales or “REOs” as in other parts of the the county. Specifically as of Feb. 24, 2010 there were 246 homes for sale ranging from $49,500,000 (11 Casurina Concourse)11 Casurina Concourse to $399,000(1209 Sunset Drive1209 Sunset DrThere are 2 REOs: 9001 Banyan Dr.9001 Banyan Dr which is listed for $4,480,000 and 1501 Lugo Ave.1501 Lugo which is listed for $689,000. There are 3 short sales: 220 Leucadendra Dr.220 Leucadendrawhich is on the market for $4,999,999, 919 Cotorro Ave919 Cotorrowhich is on the market for $599,000 and 525 Luenga Ave.525 Luenga which is listed for $549,000.If you want further information on these listings or the other 241  in the South Gables, contact me.

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