The Roads – New Listing and Great Value on 28 Rd

Paola Zuver


244 SW 28 Rd

244 SW 28 Rd

Priced at  $195 x SF this 4,100 SF home in The Roads area in the heart of Miami is a very interesting value.

Although the home might need a few updates it is in good condition and sits on a 10,500 SF lot.  Considering the central location this property should sell very quickly.  Click here to see full details of this property.  Listed by J.Pozo Realty.

If you are interested in buying or selling property in The Roads or its immediate vicinity please call or email me.  I follow this market closely and will give you a precise view of what you can obtain.  For your reference click here to see all of the current single family listings in The Roads and immediate vicinity.

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