Homeownership Remains Essential Part of American Dream

Carol Pawley, P.A.

According to a recent survey by LendingTree, 79% out of 1,060 homeowners believe homeownership remains an essential part of the American Dream. Also 76% were confident they could sell their current home that if they wished to purchase a new home in the future, and that they could get a mortgage and afford a down-payment despite the recent recession. Of those surveyed 19% are postponing a home purchase or sale because of a weak housing market and a little more than half believe the housing market will take 12 months or less to recover. 

When it comes to home loan refinancing consumer confidence is even stronger. Of those surveyed 89% were confident they’ll be able to refinance their mortgage, with only 11% uncertain. One in three had already refinanced a current mortgage, 28% plan to do so and a remaining third are unsure of their plans.


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