Is 2017 a Strong Year for Miami Real Estate?

David Siddons

What to expect in 2017 from Miami real estate?

The David Siddons Group is very pleased to have 4 brand new listings and a lot of potential buyers to take out. It seems that after a year in which several media wrote negatively about the Miami real estate market, 2017 is starting extremely well with a lot of interest in Miami real estate. We were wondering if this is a market wide phenomenon or just a very lucky month for us. As January is normally a slow month, just after the holidays we wanted to provide you with a short market update of December 2016 and January 2017.

The overall market in December 2016 and the start of 2017 is showing what we already described in the 2016 end of year Miami Real Estate report. As the condo market in Miami is seeing a moment of price corrections (this excludes the Coconut Grove market which is still seeing a demand with limited supply), less condo sales have been recorded as well as less significant condo sales in the higher spectrum of the market.

Is 2017 the year to sell your Miami real estate?
Is 2017 the year to buy into Miami real estate?

When it comes to homes we do not see a significant change in the market. As the supply is scarcer than is the case with condos, and the demand for quality single family homes around Miami’s best schools is still very much present.

As we can see in our Coconut Grove and Coral Gables snapshots, many homes are still being sold, also in the higher echelon of the market. Also in both neighborhoods months of inventory are well balanced. Many of our clients are confident today they will get great dollar for their property and decide to sell their single family home now.


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