Not all flushes are the same…

Esther Percal

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Every deal takes on a life of its own with its own set of twists and turns. Some deals are certainly easier than others.  A difficult deal is the true test of the capabilities of those involved,  it is when brilliance shines and incompetence fails and it is what makes the difference between deal makers and deal breakers.

Many wannabe Realtors approach me to ask for advice in entering this business, in many I always give my time and advise because I see their drive and passion, but in most I do not.   It is that passion, love, and devotion for what you do that equates to success, there is no easy road.

Many of the working Realtors in our business lack the follow through, and work ethics required to make deals happen they think that it is simple, and as easy as finding or showing a house or  writing an offer or obtaining a listing that make the deal happen.  Oh, how wrong they are! Worst is encountering one of these agents working alongside you on the other end of the deal.    My assistant always points out that in  most of our deals we are not only doing our work, but theirs as well,  my response has always been we do whatever it takes to get the deal done.

Every transaction brings together a unique set of personalities.  Navigating  these personalities,  keeping everyone focused , stroking the egos,  mastering diplomacy, all for the sake of moving the deal forward are the traits of a great realtor.  Staying on top of every aspect of the deal at every step of the way, keeping the lines of communication constantly open, not skipping a beat of the action is the minimum job a Realtor must do.  But, as I remain deep in the trenches of this business for many more years than most, I assure 90% of the Realtors do not have these  follow through capabilities, dropping the ball is the modus operandi of most and while that should make it more difficult for the rest of us, ironically it does not.  Being left along to do both ends of the work required to  flush a toilet, makes it easier for those of us who  know the value of obsessing, following through and  constant monitoring bringing a deal to close requires.

I just participated in the flushing of a $20M transaction ………….

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