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David Siddons

Relocating To Miami – The Complete Movers Guide

Many families are making the move to Miami. The great lifestyle, year-round sun, booming economy, great schools and first class real estate attract many families to settle in our great city. Before moving to Miami there are some important things to know. We created a general guide about relocating to Miami as well as separate guide about relocating to Coral Gables, Relocating to Coconut Grove, Relocating to Miami Beach and Relocating to Brickell. In each of these blogs we discuss what the area is like, why people decide to move there and what the costs of real estate rental and real estate purchase are.

Relocating to Miami - The Complete Movers Guide

Relocating to Miami – The Complete Movers Guide

Besides this we cater to families. For example people moving to Miami might want to know what are the best (In our opinion) Miami neighborhoods for schools, what are the safest areas in Miami (In Our opinion) and what are the best Miami neighborhoods

All these questions will be answered in our blogs.

I’m a father of 2 little girls, who did all of this investigation already. Me and my team decided to put our findings to a blog to help those moving to Miami.



David Siddons is a top producing real estate agent in Miami Florida who loves to talk real estate. He is known for his honesty, analytical skills and out of the box marketing.

David Siddons | Siddons.d@ewm.com | +1.305.508.0899

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