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Food or FED for Thought …

Ariel Segall

Today’s real estate market and mortgage industry environment is quite uncertain and just like fishing on a stormy day with chopped sea you can either get the biggest fish ever or just drown in your own boat. Everybody wonders when are we going to hit bottom and some others are already asking how high it will go when it bounces back. Everybody is waiting for someone to come and take measures, and as expected, that someone is now pointing out to...Continue Reading!

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Removing Wallpaper in Pinecrest or Palmetto Bay Without Using the Humidity

Pamela Moseley Mayers, P.A., GRI

This article will connect you with the places to go in Pinecrest to take off your wallpaper without slitting your wrists. You can pay someone. Go to Palmetto Paint on US 1 and SW 140 St. and get someone on their recommended list. For the "I can do this myself person" (so I will use the money on some exotic Miami Spice restaurant I've never been to) there is Home Depot on 136 street and US1 that has thousands of peoplen or...Continue Reading!

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A quiet Equestrian Oasis in the Redlands!

Kabrina Means

I often hear people say that they wish they could find a nice quiet place in Miami and I am hear to tell you about the perfect "Hide-away". This is a place that I know well especially since my horse, who is 32 years old, currently resides there. His name is "Bold Soldier" A.K.A. "Bold". The horse ranch offers many horses a luxury that is beyond most other farms. My horse has the option of grazing in...Continue Reading!

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Meet Cheesy, the Realtor Mouse

Evelyn Segall, P.A.

Probably you haven’t heard of me before, but honestly speaking is because I wasn’t blogging. Now that EWM opened its own blog site, I believe that you will be hearing more from me. My actual name is Todd but my parents nick named me Cheesy because of the old fashion advertising tools I have been using lately. I am a realtor mouse that lives on vacant homes for sale. My main duty is to scare trouble buyers and abandon home when...Continue Reading!

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New Home Close to the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida

Dee Quintero

The Biltmore Hotel is located at 1200 Anastasia Av. Coral Gables, Fl. offering a luxury experience to it's guests. Close by is a beautiful newly constructed home located at 830 Catalonia Av. being offered at $3,195,000.00. A grand opening for Broker's to see will be held August 29, 2007 from 12:00 - 2:00 PM. ...Continue Reading!

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Beautification of Biscayne Boulevard Stalls Sale in Upper East Side

Beth Kipnis

As the heavy machinery moved into the bayfront park just a few doors down the street from my listing, the sellers and I decided it was time to take the house off the market for a while. Getting to the property hasn't been easy for some months, but with the "improvement" happening virtually at the neighborhood's entrance it is now almost impossible to get there. As it happens every year during the long hot summer months, showings had been few and...Continue Reading!

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Mortgage Marketing Mayhem: Look out for the latest scam!

Christopher Zoller

I'm sure that at some time you have received a notification that you are eligible, as a member of a class, to participate in the (hopeful) rewards of a successful class action lawsuit. You probably know what the forms look like: LEGAL NOTICE BY ORDER OF THE COURT. Lots of legalese. Options for you to participate in the suit and or opt out. Generally they will name the original plaintiff and you need to...Continue Reading!

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STOP THE BOAT!!! 661 Lake Blvd., Weston, Florida

Marty V. Smetanka, P.A.

Stop The Boat...! This is the Tropical Paradise you've dreamed about!!! Entertain your friends by your Beverly Hills style pool...You won't have to touch a thing. You can relax, the kids can fish...Life Is Good! Great Kitchen Screened Patio/Pool Cleaner than clean Great Schools Great Shops and Restaurants Great Youth Sports Programs Great Gated Security This Dream Home can be your ticket to paradise......Run, Swim, Fly or Paddle...just get there!!!! BYOB (Bring Your Own Boat) :) For more information about this home and my other dream...Continue Reading!

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“There’s No Place Like Home” 501 NW 86 Av, Pembroke Pines

Joan Donnelly Ochoa

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road...Follow the Yellow Brick Road....Follow the Yellow Brick Road....." OKAY, so the road is not yellow and it is not Oz, But it is Pembroke Pines. Being the Listing Agent on this home brings back so many fond memories, because this is the first home I ever owned. You see, I sold it to the current owners ten years ago. Now that it is time for them to move on, they have entrusted me to list...Continue Reading!

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Como evitar una pesadilla, la ejecución de hipotecas a la orden del día

Alicia Mayz

En numerosas oportunidades la premura de alcanzar el sueño americano de tener vivienda propia conduce a numerosas personas a adquirir compromisos que posteriormente no puede afrontar. Lamentablemente muchas veces contraemos deudas por desconocimiento o por ser víctimas de la avaricia de profesionales sin ética que persiguen una venta fácil sin considerar que su acción no solo perjudica a los compradores en cuestión sino al mercado inmobiliario en general, motivo por el cual el victimario termina convirtiéndose en víctima de...Continue Reading!

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