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4 Simple Ways To Get Filthy Rich – Slowly

EWM Marketing

Over the next 4 weeks I will be posting a series of easy to read and understand blogs regarding financial issues that affect us all. My intention is to give you a better understanding of some fundamental financial concepts and strategies in an effort to make a meaningful contribution to your long term financial well-being. Your personal financial journey is like a ship crossing a vast ocean in that the small course changes you make today will have...Continue Reading!

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Fort Lauderdale’s Top 5 Most Expensive Homes

Greg Horton

Wouldn't it be nice if one of your biggest problems was where to land your new Gulfstream V? That may just be a question that the new homeowners of these top 5 homes may have had to ask themselves once or twice. So here they are Fort Lauderdale's top 5 most expensive homes. 5. $12,900,000 : 1100 SE 4th Street : Squeezing in the number...Continue Reading!

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How much of a buyer’s market are we in exactly? Take a look at the numbers…

Paula Barrera

I work primarily with buyers, and the number one thing I have been hearing lately is, "When exactly should I buy to get take full advantage of this buyer's market? How will I know it's time?" As the president of our company, Ron Shuffield, so eloquently put during a recent meeting: "We will not know the best time until it has passed and prices begin to rise." At that point buyers will have missed the boat as sellers begin to raise prices. One of...Continue Reading!

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The Mindset of a Superstar

Three Steps to Success Brett Figueroa is a personal success coach who worked under Tony Robbins for 6 years, and is now the owner of Momentum Strategies in Denver, Colorado. Brett says that there are three primary factors that put someone at the top of their game.The Ultimate Goal.Remember the movie City Slickers? What is your "one thing?" The one thing you want to truly make your life feel complete. "Too many people", Brett says, "go through life with a...Continue Reading!

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Real Estate Dictionary: Market Bifurcation

EWM Marketing

One of the interesting things to note in today's South Florida's real estate market is that the more expensive the property, the better the market is performing. Bifurcation according to Wikipedia is the division of a whole into two parts. With that in mind, you can grasp the idea of Real Estate Market Bifurcation - the super luxury market in South Florida is a market operating unto itself separate and apart from the rest of the market. The...Continue Reading!

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Dee Quintero

BILTMORE HOTEL, CORAL GABLES, FL The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables Florida is a national historic landmark resort featuring luxury accommodations, an 18-hole championship golf course, 10 lighted tennis courts, a newly renovated spa, full-service fitness center, an array of fine restaurants and bars including the award-winning Palme d’Or, private wine cellar club, and the largest hotel swimming pool in the continental United States. The Biltmore is a member of National Trust Historic Hotels of America. There are beautiful homes close...Continue Reading!

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Sell With Your Heart, Not Your Pocketbook

Beth Kipnis

One thing that almost stopped me from using my Real Estate license was the idea that to be successful I had to push people into buying homes. I got my license at the time when "Realtor" was almost universally synonymous with "used-car salesman", and I just couldn't imagine me doing something that felt so wrong. In the almost twenty years I've been working in Miami and especially Coconut Grove I've earned a reputation for connecting with the needs of my...Continue Reading!

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1601 Eastlake Way – Weston

Joan Donnelly Ochoa

Almost heaven. Imagine living in a home that makes you feel like your always on a Key West vacation. The minute you walk in the front door, you can take in the breathtaking view of the pool and lake. Bright and Cheerful with lots of windows, there is even a skylight in the kitchen over the breakfast bar. An extra large window in the family room adds light and a view of the lake. Step outside the screened pool/patio and...Continue Reading!

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Bob Bishopric

The High Pines neighborhood near South Miami, Florida is a dog-walking, kids-playing-in-the-street, old-fashioned, just like Miami in the 50's used to be kind of place. Surrounded on all four sides by the cities of South Miami and Coral Gables, High Pines is an enclave of of about 80 square blocks of homes built mostly in the 50's and 60's but some as early as the 40's. Of course, like all neighborhoods in South Florida, we are being...Continue Reading!

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Sunday, August 26 Las Olas Open House Spectacular

The Las Olas Office is hosting a variety of open houses this weekend for your shopping pleasure from 1:00 - 4:00 PM: 54 Isle of Venice: 2/1.5 includes 35ft boat dock, direct ocean access no fixed bridges 2732 NE 33 St: 3/2 in Coral Ridge Country Club with fabulous new pool and spa 1919 SW 9 Ave: 4/3.5 custom built Kew West 2 story 2817 NE 25 Ct: 3/2 w/over 2800 SF and 100 FT of Ocean Access in Coral Ridge 5220 NE 32 Ave:...Continue Reading!

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