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Congratulations to our new Key Biscayne Village Manager

Vivian Galego-Mendez

I'm getting ready to go say congratulations to our new Key Biscayne Village Manager at his Welcoming party here on the Island. His name is Genaro "Chip" Iglesias, who was the former chief of staff for Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez. Before joining the staff of Commissioner Gimenez, Genaro held several positions at the City of Miami Fire Department. Chip received his MBA from FIU and a BA in Public Administration from Barry Univ. He is an honest and hardworking...Continue Reading!

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4 Simple Ways To Get Filthy Rich – Slowly – Part II

EWM Marketing

If you missed it and are just dying to read about tax issues last weeks topic was acquisition indebtedness. This weeks topic is the effects of compounding which many people incorrectly refer to as “the velocity of money”. The velocity of money is actually a term that economists use in reference to the number of times a dollar is spent within a given period of time. Regardless of what you call it, compounding is...Continue Reading!

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Are you getting property tax relief this year??

Fiona Cohen

My friend's taxes look like they are going UP this year! What's up with that! We all thought they would go down even if only a little! Do you challenge it or let it go? The assessed value of her property has not increased anymore than mine (remember - assessed value is what the property appraiser's office puts on your home - market value is based on actual sale prices) I live in Davie, Florida and my...Continue Reading!

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New FHA Program can help some out of foreclosure!

Arlyn Mendoza

Well, it's not exactly the cavalry, but the Bush Administration announced a plan today that will help some homeowners that are in dire straits. The new FHA program is being implemented immediately by administrative action and is called FHA Secure.The plan gives the Federal Housing Administration the authority to insure loans for delinquent borrowers facing foreclosure. the immediate implementation of the plan will be for borrower's who can demonstrate a good credit history but have been unable to keep up...Continue Reading!

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Property Taxes – Your Opinion Does Count

Debra Spadafora

Florida’s Taxation and Budget Reform Commission, which has the power to put proposed constitutional amendments directly on the ballot, will hold a series of public hearings throughout Florida to give you a chance to share your recommendations. FAR President Nancy Riley, who serves on the commission, is urging all Realtors to attend. The meetings will take place between Sept. 20 and Oct. 18 in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Miami,Fort Lauderdale and Niceville. If you would like to attend please click...Continue Reading!

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FAR 9 & FHA Seminar

Ariel Segall

Today AP announced that President George Bush is proposing several initiatives and reforms to help homeowners with risky mortgages keep their homes. Among the top actions he is planning to do is to “ urge congress to pass Federal Housing Administration overhaul legislation that would give the FHA more flexibility in assisting mortgage holders with sub-prime mortgages .“FHA loan is a federal assistance mortgage. FHA does not make loans. Rather, it insures loans made by private lenders. The loan...Continue Reading!

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Property Sales Drop in Broward County Again.

Three years and counting. Sales of existing homes in Broward County declined in July, just as they have for 36 of the past 37 months. That dismal trend isn’t likely to change soon as lenders across the South Florida housing market make it tougher for consumers to qualify for mortgages. Analysts don’t expect the housing slump to end until the second half of 2008 or later, in part because the recent credit crunch is thinning an already small group of would-be buyers. ...Continue Reading!

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Still Confused about the Property Tax Legislation!

Debra Spadafora

If you are still confused or were not able to attend the property tax presentation on Wednesday. Here are some links that may help. FAR's property tax tool kit (including PowerPoint presentation) FAR's website or FAR's Legislative Website House Bill 1 Legislation or Florida Senate Session Miami-Dade Exemption Comparison Calculator Dept. of Revenue's Roll-back Rates Info Continue Reading!

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