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‘No tax increase budget’ is really a double-digit rate hike


Week of July 15, 2010 "I have prepared a no tax increase budget." Those are the first words in the budget message Mayor Carlos Alvarez sent to Miami-Dade commissioners a week ago. But that "no tax increase budget" in reality would cause a double-digit jump in the property tax rate. The mayor did in fact tell the truth — just nowhere near the whole truth. He's talking about tax revenues, which indeed would not increase were his budget adopted. To read the remainder of this...Continue Reading!

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Do You Know What Impacts Your Credit Score? Take This Quiz and Find Out

Dave Magua, P.A.

According to credit experts, 42% of U.S. consumers have credit scores between 550 and 699. As a result, these consumers typically don’t qualify for preferred interest rates and, depending on their overall credit profile, they may not even qualify for certain loans and credit cards. As a member of the Top 5 in Real Estate Network®, I, along with my team, have worked with many clients throughout my years in the business and have seen first-hand how credit scores can wreak...Continue Reading!

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It’s Still Great to Own!!!

Martha Chamberlain, P.A.

" A Good Home Must Be Made Not Bought".....      Joyce Mayner Owning a home is still the American Dream.  But many people feel that it is not a good idea.  That owning your own home is not a good investment.  There is no doubt that this country has seen a substantial lose in value the past five years. For the home owners that purchased in 2006 and need or want to sell their home today they will be looking at a...Continue Reading!

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The Role of Appraisal Inflation in Loan Securitization

Dave Magua, P.A.

Street level appraisers have been getting a lot of heat for their role in the rise and collapse of real estate values and most of it is unfair. Without exception, every appraiser I have ever met was professional, direct, and considered the facts when arriving at his or her opinion of value. That isn’t to say that there aren’t dishonest appraisers. I’m certain that just like any occupation, the percentage of bad apples probably mirrors the population in general. And, there is...Continue Reading!

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“the ewm page” in The Sun Sentinel West 7.11.10

Ron Shuffield

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100709202949-0a2b0d6f0724430ca5a15776544ce443 docname=sswestcolor7-11-10 username=ewmrealtors loadinginfotext=%22the%20ewm%20page%22%20in%20SS%20West%207.11.10 showhtmllink=true tag=relators width=420 height=441 unit=px] Click on property images for more information.Continue Reading!

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Can Miami-Dade lure a mega-mall? County too poor to ask


Week of July 8, 2010 Over a year ago Miami-Dade Commission Chairman Dennis Moss pushed through a resolution asking Mayor Carlos Alvarez for a report within six months on developing an economy-changing mega shopping district here. The report was due last year. Today, for the first time, commissioners are to discuss a memo from County Manager George Burgess with the answer: the county can't meet the request because it would cost $60,000 to $70,000 to do. To read the remainder of this article, visit:...Continue Reading!

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We Got Him To Miami, Let’s Get Him To Coconut Grove

Riley Smith

Now that LeBron James is coming to Miami, a question for many Realtors in town is “WHERE WILL HE BUY?”.  In my opinion, he has three choices: The Grove, The Gables or Miami Beach (there are rumors he already put in an offer on a $40,000,000 home in the Gables).  In the past, Coconut Grove has been the choice for many pro-basketball players such as Alonzo Mourning, Antoine Walker, Carlos Boozer and Kelvin Cato. So Lebron, why not consider Coconut Grove? ...Continue Reading!

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5 Common Questions Homeowners Have About Default

Dave Magua, P.A.

With so many homeowners facing tough decisions about their mortgages in or approaching default, questions abound about how to best handle the complex situation with the bank lenders they’re indebted to. To help clarify such confusion and shed light on optimal homeowner options, real estate finance expert Marian Anthony, author of Short Sale RUSH, sheds light on the five most common questions homeowners in default are asking. 1. Should I intentionally default on my home mortgage? Today, many people are ‘intentionally’ or...Continue Reading!

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Condo Living: Do Non-Smokers Have Rights?

Ana Anderson, CRS, GRI, Broker/Associate

I've been a Realtor in the Miami/Coral Gables area since 1980 and I have recently learned more about homeowner “rights” than I ever wanted to know.  Due to my own personal encounter with second-hand smoke seeping into my condo, I was lead to research the matter and have discovered that non-smokers do have rights. First of all, I Googled  “Cigarette Smoke Seeping Into My Condo”. I found a wealth of information and resources, and I found that I am not alone.  Here are just a few eye-opening links: Here is an...Continue Reading!

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Miami Beach Real Estate: Fun Fact and Info

Cyndi R. Henriksen, P.A.

This is interesting......The average sq. footage in new single family homes have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, until recently. In 2007 the average home was 2521 sq. ft but in 2009 it was 2438 and still shrinking! Also, there was a time when a majority of new homebuyers wanted 2 story homes. The whole grand entrance down the stairwell thing, kids running up and down (how Norman Rockwell), and the exercise! In 2006 57% of the homes were...Continue Reading!

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