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“Housing Battles Back”: CNBC Features Ron Shuffield in Real Estate Spotlight on Downtown Miami

kreps pr

A possible silver lining for South Florida real estate: CNBC reports an uptick in housing sales for downtown Miami.  Click on the link to see more, including commentary by EWM President Ron Shuffield: Reading!

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Finally!!! A positive Real Estate article…

Lisa Lajes Rosen, P.A.

Posted on Friday, Mar. 12, 2010   New life in downtown Miami as condos fill up By ELAINE WALKER   Out of the ashes of the downtown Miami condo collapse, a bright spot is emerging: a community of full-time residents slowly starting to turn the area into a 24/7 city. A new study by the Miami Downtown Development Authority, in partnership with Goodkin Consulting/Focus Real Estate Advisors, has found that 74 percent of the 22,079 urban condominium units built since 2003 are occupied. They stretch...Continue Reading!

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End our spring baseball shutout: Marlins should run home


Week of March 11, 2010 As a Miami ballpark rises on time for a 2012 opening and on budget for $3 billion in tax spending, Major League Baseball shows its gratitude by wiping out South Florida spring games for the first time in more than 60 years. Paradoxically, while in-season games in a $3 billion ballpark will add nothing to our economy, now-lost spring games actually did add local jobs and spending. To read the remainder of this article, visit: Reading!

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No need to run Windows anymore! MAC users will soon have native MLS access…

Michael P. Schnabel

According to a MarketLinx representative and I quote "we are developing a solution that will allow native MLS access from virtually any platform or browser, including Mac OSX, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.  The first Beta installation is happening this spring; rollout to the majority of our MLS customers should begin around the end of the year 2010. Depending on where Southeast Florida MLS falls in the installation schedule, you may not see it until late winter or spring 2011.  And...Continue Reading!

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Service training can keep air travelers from flying away


Week of February 24, 2010 No sooner had we detailed Miami International Airport's new customer service training last week than a study proved why it's so vital. The day our Spring Travel section unveiled training of workers to enhance passenger experience, J.D. Power was ranking Miami International third from last in satisfaction among large North American airports. More than 12,000 passengers rated satisfaction, accessibility, check-in and security. That's not precisely service, but since the airport is near the end of a $7 billion...Continue Reading!

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Calling all Investors – Land in Orlando, FL – Buy a piece of Central Florida

EWM Marketing

(954) 347-3799  James San Martin 538.2+ ACRES IN DESIGNATED GREEN SWAMP AREA. CURRENT DENSITY IS 20:1. 2 MINUTES FROM I-4 / US 27 INTERSECTION.  JOINT VENTURE CONSIDERED. Very Close to Orlando!!!!! If your looking for more? We have up to 900+ acres available! Amazing opportunity to invest in land in Central Florida. 10,764,000 THE JASON KAPIT TEAM D1280449Continue Reading!

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Bid to give commissioners tax-benefit slush funds alarming


Week of February 18, 2010 Loud alarms should be ringing at county hall over a bid to set up district trust funds so each Miami-Dade commissioner could stash unlimited business handouts to then spend entirely at will. It's shocking that any commissioner would ask businesses to pay into a personal slush fund and give them tax benefits in return. It's even more shocking that sponsor José "Pepe" Diaz doesn't recognize the inherent evils and that Commissioners Audrey Edmonson and Joe Martinez want to...Continue Reading!

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Interest rates begin to rise… What it all means for the real estate recovery!

Michael P. Schnabel

Yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm - just after the close of the US Equity markets - the US Federal Reserve (FED) announced a 0.25% interest rate hike in its Discount Rate, now set at 0.75% from the previous mark 0f 0.50%.  Although the FED had signaled higher rates for 2010 - expectations were that higher rates would arrive the second half of 2010, possibly the last quarter -  yesterdays announcement came as a...Continue Reading!

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Living in South Miami, High Pines and South Coral Gables – Is South Miami’s Election A Step Towards Ending the Sqandering of Taxpayers’ Money

TK Heatley

Daniel Shoer Roth wrote an interesting article in today's Miami Herald regarding the ridiculous spending of taxpayers' money, and  he mentions that last week's South Miami election might spark a trend towards changing the problem.Continue Reading!

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When The Fed Exits The Market!!!

Martha Chamberlain, P.A.

" For Some Moments in Life there are no Words."       David Seltzer   The Fed is scheduled to exit the housing market this spring.  Also the Home Buyer Tax Credit ends April 30,2010.  The government announced that their purchasing mortgage-backed securities will expire March 31,2010.  With that happening many feel a rise in interest rates. In December the U.S. Cencus Bureau's New Construction Report  showed sales had fallen by 11.3%.  That report covered new home sales in the month of November.  Buyers knew...Continue Reading!

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