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“the ewm page” in Sun Sentinel West 10.31.10

Ron Shuffield

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=101029162709-0c9be77244274c9ea5af8a75ef24b778 docname=sswestcolor10-31-10indd username=ewmrealtors loadinginfotext=%22the%20ewm%20page%22%20in%20the%20Sun%20Sentinel%20West%2010.31.10 showhtmllink=true tag=sun%20sentinel width=420 height=441 unit=px] Click on images for more information.Continue Reading!

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Will You Get More $$$ if You Sell in the Spring?

Betty Brandon

Will your house be worth more in the spring?  Anyone thinking about selling must wonder.  Should they sell now; or should they wait for the spring? Most years that would be an interesting question.  There is a belief that many buyers come out in the spring; and with that increase in demand for housing, prices may appreciate.  This year is unlike any year in recent memory.  Most experts believe there will be continuing depreciation of home values throughout the next 18 months. I recently...Continue Reading!

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Can They Get Any Lower ??

Martha Chamberlain, P.A.

It seems they CAN and that they WILL.  The buzzwords are Quantitative Easing.  It is another of the weapons the Fed has at its disposal to impact the economy, as a whole, and interest rates in particular. So you understand, the Fed has already lowered the rates they change to lending institutions as much as they can, and they still see a sluggish economy with weak employment numbers and growth, the Fed appears ready to enter a second round of Quantitative...Continue Reading!

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“the ewm page” in The Sun Sentinel West 10.24.10

Ron Shuffield

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=101021165304-cfbc271fbf0d462baa289d93b1ca613e docname=sswestcolor10-24-10.9 username=ewmrealtors loadinginfotext=%22the%20ewm%20page%22%20in%20Sun%20Sentinel%20West%2010.24.10 showhtmllink=true tag=ewmrealtors width=420 height=441 unit=px] Click on property images for more information.Continue Reading!

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“the ewm page” in The Islander News 10.21.10

Ron Shuffield

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=101021165603-f1366e7ff39c4d2bafb930c38f4dca49 docname=islandernews10-21-10 username=ewmrealtors loadinginfotext=%22the%20ewm%20page%22%20in%20The%20Islander%20News%2010.21.10 showhtmllink=true tag=waterfront width=420 height=650 unit=px] Click on property images for more information.Continue Reading!

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Bank of America and Fidelity National Reach Agreement for REOs

Dave Magua, P.A.

Bank of America and Fidelity National Financial have come to an agreement regarding the foreclosure paperwork issues that have plagued several of the largest lenders in the past weeks. Under the agreement, Jacksonville, Florida-based Fidelity agreed to continue to provide title insurance for Bank of America’s recently foreclosed homes. BofA agreed to cover all court related costs and settlements related to any lawsuits, and Fidelity agreed it would defend new homeowners in court. Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America is working on...Continue Reading!

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10 Tips to Banish Mold from the Home

Dave Magua, P.A.

Often, our first encounter with mold at home occurs in that infamous spot between the shower curtain and tub. It’s pretty disgusting, but it’s easy to wipe up. Unfortunately, in most homes, this isn’t the extent of the mold—the more problematic mold is the insidious kind, hiding behind walls and in floorboards, and potentially contributing to a range of allergies and other illnesses. In fact, a 1994 study by the Harvard University School of Public Health, which involved 10,000 homes...Continue Reading!

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Glam-A-Thon 2010 Fort Lauderdale

October 16, 2010, is a day that will not live in infamy but will live in pink, feathered glory. Just take a stroll through Esplanade Park, and you will see the remains of what appears to have been a huge flamingo massacre. It wasn’t murder but maybe a little mayhem from the Glam Doll Strut participants. With feathers surrounding their necks, heads, waists and even ankles they laughed, shouted and danced their way down Himmarshee on Friday evening proclaiming October...Continue Reading!

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RPAC releases 2010 roster of candidates

Ellen Olsen, TRC, GRI, ePRO

While the general election is on November 2nd, voting is no longer limited to Election Day. Absentee voting has already begun, and Early voting starts today and ends on Sunday, October 31st. The future of Florida is in your hands. The Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC), funded entirely by member donations, supports candidates in local, state and national elections who support legislation that furthers the real estate profession, property ownership and private property rights. In addition, the state association has...Continue Reading!

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Call to bullpen for stadium fiscal relief too late: game’s over


Week of October 14, 2010 A futile squeeze play slid onto the county's lineup card this week.  It's aim: get Florida Marlins owners to voluntarily toss back to taxpayers some of the $3 billion stadium homerun that officials yielded. Shell-shocked commissioners have just realized that the public is a teensy bit upset about knuckling under to baseball's most profitable team in a double play with a huge property tax increase while jobs disappear and property values crumble. To read the remainder of this article,...Continue Reading!

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