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European Buyers!! Are they Buying?

Nelson Gonzalez, P.A.

Since the Euro has elevated in status against the American Dollar recently, the Europeans are coming to Miami in droves and buying everything, right?  Not exactly!  There are indeed many Europeans coming to Miami Beach and South Florida but, they are not all buying.  They are looking and making offers but, they are making very low offers and in turn, not making deals.  After speaking to the European buyers I have come across looking to buy in Miami Beach, I have asked...Continue Reading!

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San Juan del Sur Ocean View Home for Sale- Nicaragua

Vickie Arcuri

A future Ft. Lauderdale Home Buyer contacted me in December of last year regarding his relocation plans and assistance with his home search. We are still communicating and he mentioned that he will be selling one or both of two Homes before relocating here. I asked him for information about both Homes so that I could Blog about them in order to provide some additional exposure for them. He e-mailed pictures, which I added captions to and included...Continue Reading!

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USA and Spain more than the S in common (and it’s not the A)

Ines Garcia

Even though we speak different languages and an ocean separates us we have a lot in common. You have probably read about it… Spain is mirroring our sub prime mortgage crisis (named differently of course). Low lending standards, 100+ financing, rapid price increases and over supply. Banks are getting tighter and asking for higher down payments. Does this sound familiar? At the largest Real Estate event, SIMA, many, if not all, of the developers and local financial institutions were there ....Continue Reading!

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SIMA and Where the European Investors are Looking to Invest

Ines Garcia

The European investors are looking mainly at the emerging markets to invest in Real Estate. East and Central Europe countries mainly Rumania, Poland, Hungary and Bulgary had a strong presence thru many residential developments. Bucarest displayed in almost 2,000 SF the future developments plans for the city. South Florida had a weak presence and only a few stand features developments in our area. The good news are that in one of the Forums South Florida was compared to emerging markets...Continue Reading!

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Paradise in Costa Rica-Exclusive Point Lot in Tamarindo Heights

EWM Marketing

This premier lot is for those who have dreamed of living in oceanfront paradise! This oceanfront lot is over 36,000 square feet in exclusive Tamarindo Heights. Plans are available for a 10,000 square foot home offering panoramic ocean-views. Click here for details. A truly unique opportunity; beachfront land in Tamarindo Heights the most exclusive location in Costa Rica's Guanacaste Province. Tamarindo is the premier beach community in Costa Rica’s Northwest province – Guanacaste. Prestigious Tamarindo Heights is an...Continue Reading!

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CASA A MIAMI / Massimiliano Mlekus

Cerca la tua casa a Miami su www.compravenditamiami.comContinue Reading!

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Real Estate Sizzles

Monica Harvey

Now that I got your attention, the rest of the title sentence is - in China. According to the Miami Herald, of all the Asian's markets, China is the hottest and "housing prices are soaring amid strong economic growth and surging demands from developers and upwardly mobile families who want to upgrade their homes." New apartments north of Shangai's famous waterfront are selling for a record $17,000 per square meter. "The biggest property lender, China Construction Bank, recently issued a report warning...Continue Reading!

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Agenzia Immobiliare Miami / Massimiliano Mlekus

Ciao sono Massimiliano e faccio l'agente immobiliare a Miami , dal 1987 mi occupo di mediazione di Immobili tra Roma e Miami . Vivo in questa bellissima citta' dal 1997 e vendere queste bellisime case sulla baia , sul mare mi da una grande gioia. Oggi il mercato di Miami offre delle grandi occasioni . Con una caparra del 25/30 % ed un mutuo al 5,90% fisso per 30anni si ha oggi la possibilita' di comprare una bella casa a...Continue Reading!

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Renting a Chateau in Dordogne, a wonderful experience if you can travel as a group of ten.

Christian Basick

Every other year or so, our family travel together to Europe. We all get along very nicely. Together, we’ve been to so many incredible destinations. Giselle, my mother, is the Leader. She has a great talent for recognizing beauty, She is a very special Lady. My wife and companion of 25 years, Debbie is the master organizer. My sister, three kids Stefan, Sebastian and Nicholas the twins and my brother in law Manny always bring life to the party. My...Continue Reading!

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E’ ormai da piu’ di un anno che non si sente parlare d’altro che di crisi del mercato immobiliare a Miami. Vorrei precisare una cosa che credo sia molto importante per coloro che sono oltre oceano ed ascoltano queste notizie ed anche per coloro che risiedono qui a Miami e sono proprietari di appartamenti. Il mercato e’ in calo se consideriamo il perdiodo assurdo che Miami ha vissuto fra l’inizio del 2005...Continue Reading!

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