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Enfin, Cipriani a Miami Beach

Jennifer Blanco Feil

South Beach continue a attirer les "rich and famous" encore plus avec l'arrive de Cipriani Resort & Residences Miami Beach. C'est une belle addition aux projets deja tres attendus sur la "cote doree" de South Beach ( Ritz Carlton Residences Miami Beach (2009), W Hotel & Residences South Beach (2008) Caribbean Miami Beach (2008), Paradiso/The Gansevoort Hotel New York City (2008) et Setai Miami Beach (fini en 2004) ). Deja connu dans le monde (Cipriani New York City...Continue Reading!

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Lilia V. Naar, P.A.

El sur de la Florida siempre sera #1 para muchos Latinoamericanos pero en este mercado global adonde la gente busca aventurarse especialmente entre Europeos y Norteamericanos...PANAMA ES TODO EN UNO...volviendose mas popular con este nuevo tipo de inmigrantes. Buscando una alternativa para retirarse o tener un lugar de vacación en el extranjero esta a la orden del dia entre los paises sedientos de un estilo de vida relajado, aventurero y alegre. Para el retirado...estirar su dinero es su primera prioridad. En Panama el...Continue Reading!

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Parks in Village of Pinecrest Part 2 – Want Tennis or a Birthday Party?

Betty Brandon

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the ground-breaking for Flagler Grove Park in the Village of Pinecrest. I told you that for the next 6 days I would give you a little more specific information about the current six actively used parks in Pinecrest. Today's subject is Coral Pine Park. I've sometimes heard people refer to it as Coral Pine Park and Tennis Center. Just a few blocks east of Flagler Grove, it is located at...Continue Reading!

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Gourmet Coffee Farm- 35 Acres in Atenas Costa Rica

EWM Marketing

This plantation is a profitable paradise in the best climate in the world. The farm is located in Atenas, one hour from San Jose, the country’s capital. The plantation is on the slopes of the region's highest mountains whose soil nurtures some of Costa Rica's highest quality coffee. It has 35acres (14 hectares), 30 acres (12hectares) of which are planted with gourmet coffee. Annual crop output is about 1,140 bushels (900 fanegas). There is also a small...Continue Reading!

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Que es el Turismo Medico?

Lilia V. Naar, P.A.

CUAL ES EL BOOM DEL TURISMO MEDICO EN PANAMA Un turista médico es quién va a otro país para obtener algún tratamiento médico a una fracción del costo. Con la pelicula controversial de Michael Moore "SICKO" la gente está realizando que pueden ahorrar dinero, penas y desastres incurridos con las compañias de seguro y poder tener un tratamiento de "primera clase" por doctores Norteamericanos en hospitales Panameños a menos del 50% del costo. Panama esta volviendose la Mecca del turismo médico. Porque?...Continue Reading!

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Globalization in Real Estate

EWM Marketing

Many Americans already own a residence that they call their home and they are aware that is one of the major investments of their life. They are really pleased with it and probably they are going to be willing to stay in it as long as possible, instead of downsizing into a trendy apartment. But they wonder if they are going to be able to keep it when they retire. The costs of property taxes and homeowners insurance are...Continue Reading!

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Near The Biltmore Hotel… 830 Catalonia Av, Coral Gables

Dee Quintero

830 Catalonia Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida This home is in the final stage of being completed and has turned out just beautiful. On September 12, 2007 there was a grand opening for all the local agents to visit and get aquainted with the home. There was a huge turnout. On Sunday, September 23, 2007, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM there will be an Open House to the public for the first time. There is so much excitement over...Continue Reading!

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What is Medical Tourism?

Lilia V. Naar, P.A.

A health tourist goes to another country to get the same treatment at a fraction of the cost. With Michael Moore's controversial film on health-care "Sicko" people are realizing how they can save money, aggravation with insurance disasters and get "first class" treatment by American-trained doctors in hospitals that are on a par with the US at about 50% less cost. [youtube width="400" height="335"][/youtube] Panama is fast becoming the Mecca for "health tourism". Why? Because Panama is safe (the tap...Continue Reading!

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