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Many Americans already own a residence that they call their home and they are aware that is one of the major investments of their life. They are really pleased with it and probably they are going to be willing to stay in it as long as possible, instead of downsizing into a trendy apartment. But they wonder if they are going to be able to keep it when they retire. The costs of property taxes and homeowners insurance are...Continue Reading!

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Near The Biltmore Hotel… 830 Catalonia Av, Coral Gables

Dee Quintero

830 Catalonia Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida This home is in the final stage of being completed and has turned out just beautiful. On September 12, 2007 there was a grand opening for all the local agents to visit and get aquainted with the home. There was a huge turnout. On Sunday, September 23, 2007, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM there will be an Open House to the public for the first time. There is so much excitement over...Continue Reading!

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What is Medical Tourism?

Lilia V. Naar, P.A.

A health tourist goes to another country to get the same treatment at a fraction of the cost. With Michael Moore's controversial film on health-care "Sicko" people are realizing how they can save money, aggravation with insurance disasters and get "first class" treatment by American-trained doctors in hospitals that are on a par with the US at about 50% less cost. [youtube width="400" height="335"][/youtube] Panama is fast becoming the Mecca for "health tourism". Why? Because Panama is safe (the tap...Continue Reading!

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Marco Island, Fl…. Hideaway Beach

Dee Quintero

My family and I discovered during a recent visit to Hideaway Beach over Labor Day Weekend that when the tide goes out we could wade through the water knee deep all the way out to the barrier island that protects Hideaway Beach. My husband George and my grandson were so excited to see all the bait that they couldn't get their casting nets out fast enough. In one cast, my 10 year old grandson was able to get a bucket full...Continue Reading!

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Live like Royalty without spending a King’s Fortune

Lilia V. Naar, P.A.

[youtube width="425" height="335"][/youtube] South Florida will ALWAYS be #1 for many of our friends from the South but in this global market where people are adventure seekers from around the globe especially between Americans and Europeans...Panama is All in One.... becoming popular with these new-style immigrants. Seeking a retirement or alternative home abroad seems to be growing among many countries around the globe looking for a laid back life style, adventure and fun. Making the most of their money...Continue Reading!

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El mejor distrito escolar en Miami, FL – mapas, estadísticas y enlaces

Paula Barrera

Antes de tomar la decisión de mudarse para Miami, es muy importante considerar los colegios en el área. En Miami, las escuelas se categorizan con un sistema de "grados" muy parecidos a los "grados" o calificaciones de los estudiantes. Las escuelas en el condado Miami-Dade tienen grados de "A" (grado mas alto) hasta "F". El distrito escolar "Palmetto" es el mejor de primaria a secundaria. Incluye las escuelas Pinecrest Elementary, Palmetto Elementary, Palmetto Middle y Palmetto High School. Otras escuelas con buenas calificaciones...Continue Reading!

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Can a Realtor really cook for real?

George Teichholz, P.A.

If anyone of you guys decide to have lunch, dinner, or just find an out of the box kind of eatery, have I got the place for you! It may not be pretty or very romantic. There’s not much creativity or atmosphere, and there is more supermarket than eating space. The food however is homey, made to order, changing everyday…what you’d probably be eating at an old aunt’s. The accent is Italian, the mix is Latino. Very simple, very...Continue Reading!

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The Brits are coming…The Brits are coming….

Caroline Carrara

Well, with their exchange rate of 2 to 1 and our glorious sunshine, they would be fools if they didn’t… Whilst in London last week, I took the opportunity to visit our London affiliate office, Mayfair International Realty. Mayfair International Realty is located in Mayfair, one of London’s ritziest neighborhoods, with an address synonymous with wealth, class and luxury. Not to mention, right smack in the heart of prime shopping between Oxford Street and Bond Street. Mayfair International is the brainchild of...Continue Reading!

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Are you ready for a vacation?

Rosa Sklavounos

You can visit beautiful Mytilini island in Greece. This is an all stone construction built in 1888. Authentic 19th Century getaway. Detailed artichitectural design w/ antique frescos in master bedroom & dining room. Three levels all 5 bedrooms w/ private baths, formal dining room, barrel roof, cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors thruout, 2 retail stories for multiple use. Can be used as your primary residence, year round rental, retail space or bed and breakfast/pension. ...Continue Reading!

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1460 S. Ocean Boulevard, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33062 – Oceanfront Penthouse

Matt Bobby, P.A.

The market may be flooded with properties for sale, but there aren't any like this one. Just a mile or two up the road from Fort Lauderdale is a brand new luxury condominium building called Europa-by-the-Sea. It's located on the beach, right off of US 1. The property that I've listed for sale is known as "The Marbella Penthouse." This penthouse is perfect for anyone who loves the Fort Lauderdale area but really wants space, views...Continue Reading!

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