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EWM Marketing

Imagine this … you’re at your desk working, working, working. All of a sudden a magnificent closet pops up on your computer screen and you’re struck with an immediate case of “closet envy”. Okay, okay … it doesn’t hurt that the closet comes complete with a super cool 2-story living room, an unbelievably dreamy tub in the master bath, and a to-die-for water view. Ahhhh … but we digress. Back to the closet and how it is that we saw it...Continue Reading!

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Living in South Miami, High Pines, & Coral Gables- Whole Foods Market

TK Heatley

About 18 months ago Whole Foods Market opened in our area on Red Road almost at the intersection of South Dixie....What a godsend the store has been.....After battling the cramped isles and difficult parking of our local Publix an entirely new type of grocery store arrived... With covered parking off of San Remo and plenty of space to walk around ,grocery shopping is anything but the ordeal it use to be.... And, this is before even taking into consideration the quality food and...Continue Reading!

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Support the the Performing Arts in Miami!!! They Bring beauty to our life!!The Adriene Arsht Center

Soraia Farah

Schedule for Adriene Arsht Center for this weekends of March, 2009: March 20 - Friday- Babalu-Cy - The art of Desi Arnaz- Carnaval studio- 5 & 8 pm $50 March 20- Friday- Mozart's- The Marriage of Figaro- Ziff Ballet opera House- 7 pm- seats from $27 to $253.75 March 20- Friday-Mandy Patinkin in Concert with paul ford on Piano- Knight Concert Hall- 8Pm $40 to $65 March 22- Sunday- Mozart's- The Marriage of Figaro- Ziff Ballet opera House- 2PM- $13,75 to $178.75Continue Reading!

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Marisela Morales

In terms of food Weston has menus for every taste. According to Trip Advisor The Cheese Course in Weston is ranked # 1 as Wenton's favorite restaurant. The full list of the Top Ten Restaurants follows: Top Ten Restaurants g g g g g gContinue Reading!

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From gardens to fish heads…the Grove at its finest

Riley Smith

If you live in Coconut Grove and stayed inside this weekend you missed out on two incredible events that showcased the Grove at its finest. On Saturday I took my wife and daughter to the Coconut Grove Garden Tour hosted by The Villagers Inc.  It began with a tour of The Kampong and then allowed access to some of the most beautiful gardens in Coconut Grove.  All of them were incredible but two were absolutely spectacular.  If you went on the tour, you know exactly...Continue Reading!

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Homeowner’s blog about Home Improvements

Carlos Ruiz de Quevedo, AIA

Earthdate 090311 It is Wednesday, March 11 and the foundations are poured; interiors are completely gutted; opening for the windows and reinforcing are being cut and some window have already been removed. The concrete pour was one day late because of inspection procedures. Before the city approved the reinforcement, the contractor needed to place a piece of mesh in a nearby storm sewer drain. Once that was done he was able to request the inspection for the foundations. So far the project...Continue Reading!

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Riviera Isles a Paradise to Enjoy in Miramar Fl.

Mappy Salcedo

Figure the feeling of walking through beautiful Riviera Isles in Miramar, with the sunset reflecting in the big lakes in the horizon. You immediately feel at peace and relaxed. Your Children safely at play in the comfort of your own neighborhood. This is all about Riviera Isles at Miramar a gated community designed featuring your family needs in mind. Close to Riviera Isles are many well known Restaurants like Benijana, Chilis. Etc. Close to the new State of the...Continue Reading!

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Liltle Health tips every woman should know- GLamour Magazine

Soraia Farah

Two hearth Health Tips: *Eat Less Salt, You may be a young thing now, but half of women over 45 have high blood pressure, and  a lot that is due to sodium .  Niera Goldberg M.D *Every night before going to sleep lie in your back and hang your head and shoulders off the bed for up two minutes. This opens up your chest, increasing blood supply to your heart and lungs and can prevent bad posture from hours of hunching over...Continue Reading!

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Dicas de saude-Glamour magazine- Soraia Farah – Miami

Soraia Farah

Duas Dicas de saude: *Coma menos sal !! Hoje voce pode ser uma garota, mas metade das mulheres acima de 45 anos sofrem de pressao alta, e o Sodium e um dos maiores culpados. *Toda Noite antes de voce ir dumir , deite-se de costas e deixe sua cabeca , ombros e bracos para fora da cama, isso abre seu peito, Continue Reading!

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Living in South Miami, High Pines, & Coral Gables – Pilates

TK Heatley

It is been a busy week which has kept me away from writing on my blog as well as keeping me away from the TV.  I always enjoyed listening to the news and hearing Chris Mathews, etc., but they have gotten way too negative and are themselves contributing to the  malaise gripping our country... Notwithstanding the news, I have been busy with work, and every time I go to South Miami, the Gables, or South Beach it is jammed .... That...Continue Reading!

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