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Palmetto Bay New Open 2-4 ,October 28,2007 8425 SW 174 St

Teresa  B.Pierson

New in the Market.4/2 Corner Lot with lots of oak trees. Well maintained ,excellent schools. Must sell soon.Continue Reading!

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Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Coral Reef….Art In The Park

Dee Quintero

2007 The 17th Annual In The Park with Art! This event will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 27th and 28th, 2007. For details on In The Park with Art or perhaps view photos of the 2006 event. This event is brought to the community by The Cultural Council, Inc, which was established for the purpose of bringing artistic and cultural events to the South Dade community. This event was held on the grounds of Coral Reef Park...Continue Reading!

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Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay….Cell Phone Withdrawal Pains!

Dee Quintero

Palmetto Senior High School started off this school year, 2007-2008, with a new policy prohibiting the operation and use of any electronic device on campus. Can you imagine the student body without a cell phone or an iPod? Withdrawal Pains! According to an article in the Pinecrest Tribune written by Jenna Heller, this was an entirely new concept for Palmetto Senior High School because students were accustomed to using cell phones during lunch, listening to iPods while walking through...Continue Reading!

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Coral Reef Park…. Palmetto Bay, Fl

Dee Quintero

Have you been wondering what happen to the Gazebo at Coral Reef Park? Well, don't worry (even though it is all torn apart) the company that installed the Gazebo is fixing it because there was a sign of rust and it is still under warranty! Recently, my neighbor had a gathering of friends and neighbors near the volleyball courts at the park, everyone had lots of fun! This is just one of the many things available to do at Coral...Continue Reading!

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Florida Schools….Pinecrest, Palmetto & Coral Reef-The Votes Are In!

Dee Quintero

He Won! The votes were counted and my grandson won! It was so exciting to see all the kids stand before their classmates and lots of parents and grandparents and give a speech to win for the position they were running for. You must know that there are 56 children in this 5th grade class and 47 were running for an office in the Student Council! Everyone of them gave a speech! Student Council Student Council is a leadership program...Continue Reading!

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Crabby Old Cutler Road

When I was a child I remember my parents would go crab hunting along Old Cutler Road. Weather conditions had to be perfect, the moon had to be full and if it was a rainy night that is all they needed to pack the kids into my uncle's van and drive what I thought was hours until we arrived to what is now Palmetto Bay. It was an adventure for me and my cousins, until...Continue Reading!

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Florida Schools, Pinecrest, Palmetto & Coral Reef….Don’t forget to Vote!

Dee Quintero

...Continue Reading!

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Miami-Dade Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Victor Mills

Whether you're a computer pro or not, chances are you have plenty of reasons to boot one up for a quick search or to send someone a note. If you don't happen to be at work or home sitting in front of your favorite CPU, wireless access to the Internet using your lap top is an option if you can find a convenient place to log on. An Internet search for Wi-Fi spots in Miami-Dade will display a number of web sites...Continue Reading!

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Magnet Schools – an option for those not in an “A” district. Part Two – Coral Reef Senior High School, Miami, FL

Paula Barrera

Established in 1997, Coral Reef High School in Miami, FL is described as the Mega-Magnet school of Miami. Students from all over the county submit applications and those who are eligible are selected by lottery to attend. With a state-of-the-art facility, Coral Reef is the size of a non-magnet, with the higher caliber education of a smaller school. Coral Reef High offers a wide range of disciplines including: International Studies International Baccalaureate Business/Finance Agriscience/Engineering Technology Leisure Medicine/Health Sciences Visual/Performing Arts ...Continue Reading!

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Parks in Village of Pinecrest Part 5 – Featured in Parenting Magazine

Betty Brandon

Since the ground-breaking for Flagler Grove Park I've given you a little extra information about Coral Pine Park, Veterans Wayside Park and Suniland Park. Today's subject is Evelyn Greer Park, located at 8200 SW 124 Street. It's a beautiful park that sits on ten acres where a quite unattractive trailer park was once home to mostly elderly residents. When the park was completed in January 2001 it was named Pinecrest Park. It was renamed Evelyn...Continue Reading!

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