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Tick Tock…Days On The Market

Riley Smith

Calculating how many days a home has been on the market can be a challenge because many times a property will come on the market and go off the market several times before actually selling.   The question becomes at what point do you start counting?  Lets say that a house came on the market in July of 2008, then was taken off the market for 4 weeks in March, then went back on the market in April and sold within days.  ...Continue Reading!

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3715 NW 84TH AV, Sunrise, FL 33351- April 2009 New EWM Foreclosure

Susan J Penn, PA

Here is a 3/2 new April 2009 condo foreclosure in Sunrise, Florida 33351 priced at $99,900.00 from our EWM foreclosure team! It is on the second floor with a nice open air feeling and features, wood laminate flooring, updated bathroom vaniety, galley kitchen, garage and community pool. It is an extremelly nice clean unit! Please call Susan Penn, EWM Realtor at 954-557-5993.Continue Reading!

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Home Refinance Program – South Florida Real Estate

Adriana Faerman

President Obama's Plan was created to help homeowners refinance or modify their mortgages to a payment that is affordable, both now and in the future. Can someone translate all these refinance and loan modification terms into simple language for all of us?  I read blogs, news and listen to debates with specialists on TV; and the more I hear the more questions I have. And, I guess, I am not alone. So, I shared my concerns with my friend Philip Hatfield who...Continue Reading!

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Chinese Gold Moving U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates

James R Venney CMPS

Larry Baer of Market Alert is in my opinion the most astute analyst when it comes to parsing global economic activity and it's effects on mortgage interest rates.  Below is an excerpt from his daily commentary which concisely explains why Chinese investment in Gold may move U.S. mortgage interest rates higher over the next two weeks. "I look for the upward pressure on mortgage interest rates to be a bit more intense during the coming week given this morning’s news of...Continue Reading!

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Miami Beach’s innovative step to restore tourism vitality


Week of April 23, 2009 Some of us aren't just sitting as the recession steamrolls through. They're fighting back. One recession-buster comes from our visitor industry's hub, Miami Beach. Don't say nothing is new under the sun. It is on the Beach. Surprisingly, innovations come from the Mayor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Tourism. Such studies usually gather dust, but this team's 28-page April plan is already in action. Not a moment too soon. Hard-nosed taskforce Chairman Stuart Blumberg, who heads the Greater Miami...Continue Reading!

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Chinese Drywall Facts & Fiction

Debra Spadafora

I’m sure many of you have been reading the papers, listening to your favorite news station or possibly been contacted by a company claiming  they are experts in testing Chinese drywall.  All the hype may have left you wondering, does my house contain Chinese drywall? I hope to dispel some of the false information and provide you with the facts about defective Chinese drywall. Facts: It does exist.  Homes that were built between 2004-2008 may contain Chinese drywall. Several hurricanes and the building...Continue Reading!

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$8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit-Doesn’t mean First Time Buying a Home

Debra Spadafora

Did you read the headline "$8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit" and went to another article because you thought I'm not eligible. I've owned a home before. Well I have news for you. Did you know that "First-Time Homebuyer" doesn't mean that it's your first time buying a home. Actually it means the person has not owned a principal home in the previous 3 years. The federal tax credit definition is "The term 'first-time homebuyer' means any individual if such individual...Continue Reading!

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Negotiating: the Art Of Influencing Others


What Every Agent Should Know The negotiation begins as soon as one side attempts to influence the other, which is usually way before a contract is written. Think about your first encounters with  your customers &  the agent on the other side. Your rapport with both of these individuals will have an effect on the negotiation of the contract on a specific property. I have seen many times where the agents do not get along because of some miscommunication and they just become difficult...Continue Reading!

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Pending Sales in Coral Gables

During the past 30 days, 33 homes in Coral Gables have received contracts and are pending. Below you will find a list of these homes. So what does this mean for you the buyer. Well it seems as though buyers and investors are making their moves as I write this post. So now you ask yourself why the media is not reporting this purchasing trend? Well first of all the media is looking at the market as a whole not individual cities. Also, they want to see...Continue Reading!

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Open-Miami-Dade’s Lottery for NSP-May 22, 2009 Deadline

Debra Spadafora

Who or What is NSP?  -  HUD's new Neighborhood Stablization Program (NSP) will provide targeted emergency assistance to state and local governments to acquire and redevelop foreclosed properties that might otherwise become sources of abandonment and blight within their communities. U.S. Housing and Urban Development  has allocated $3.92 billion in effort to respond to the effects of  high foreclosures.  The money has been allocated to all states and especially those areas that have been hit hard by foreclosures.  Miami-Dade County received $62,207,200.00 which can be...Continue Reading!

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