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Ramon Franco

Greetings from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale! According to a recent study by the average price for a condo in the downtown metropolitan areas, with an average size of 1291 sq. feet (120 sq. meters) Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are at the lowest price per square foot around the world. The price per sq. foot in US dollars from average sales between 2012-2013 are: 1. Monaco $4988 2. London, UK $3158 3. Hong Kong $1919 4. Singapore $1645 5. Geneva, Switzerland $1601 6. Moscow, Russia $1553 7. Paris, France $1426 8. New...Continue Reading!

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It’s time to fly!!!!!!!!

Nora Dominguez

Do you find yourself wondering what it would be to sell your home and move to a more carefree environment? Are you afraid that your real estate taxes will kill you if you move? "Portability" allows eligible homestead owners to move savings from one property to the next. Homesteaded owners may now move their "Save Our Homes" benefit -- up to $500,000-- from one homestead property to the next within Florida. If you believe you are "trapped under your home" because of...Continue Reading!

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Different homes for different budgets in Coral Gables

David Siddons

This blog will show you exactly which kind of Coral Gables home you can afford with your budget. Just like Coconut Grove, Coral Gables is in high demand with Families. The area is safe and close to good schools which attracts a lot of international buyers. Coral Gables offers some great gated communities with waterfront homes. In South-East Coral Gables the most waterfront properties can be found, although all the other areas are also very well in demand for upscale living. HOW MUCH DO I...Continue Reading!

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Listing your Miami home or condo for sale – why choose the David Siddons Group?

David Siddons

“We listed our home for sale with David. David’s prep work, showings and open house were a hit taking him one week to sell the home and we got within 3% of our asking price. We could not have been happier with David’s performance” St Regis in Bal Harbour – David Sold this Unit within one week at full asking price Current Listing in South Miami – Received attention from investors all over the world incl Russia, Dubai, Brasil and London due to...Continue Reading!

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Different condos for different budgets in South of Fifth (South Beach)

David Siddons

  South of Fifth Condo Units range from around $1M up to $30M. Ask us what is available within your Budget This blog will show you exactly which kind of South of Fifth Condo you can buy within your budget. South of Fifth is one of Miami’s most sought-after addresses. The uttermost Southern Point of the Miami Beach Peninsula provides views over the the pearl white sand beaches and the Ocean as well as the Bay, Fisher Island and the Brickell and Downtown Skyline. Besides the breathtaking views,...Continue Reading!

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Brickell Pre-construction Condos for Sale – A Price Comparison between Pre-construction and Resale Condos in Brickell and Miami Downtow

David Siddons

  Although its very easy to get information on Brickell Pre-construction condos for sale it is quite a challenge to see an overview in which all the average prices of the pre-construction units are mentioned, let alone these prices in comparison with resale units.   The David Siddons group created this overview of Brickell Pre-construction condos for Sale in which data such as average sales prices, Point of Sales and Delivery Dates are provided.  We also put the average prices of Brickell pre-construction condos in relation to the average prices...Continue Reading!

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The “January Wave” for Miami Real Estate Listings…

Ashley Brinson Cusack

I love the start of a new year - energy is high, spirits are bright, and people start thinking about selling their homes again! If you've been looking to buy and are getting frustrated because of the lack of inventory, don't give up hope. January is a great month for new listings. Typically we see a reduction in the number of houses hitting the market in November/December as people hunker down for the holidays. For example, in November/December of 2012,...Continue Reading!

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