Development of Coral Springs

Misty J. Slater

It is odd to think that the bustling and ever-growing city of Coral Springs once consisted of 20,000 acres of marshland. In 1911, Henry Lyons purchased the marshland, but it wasn’t until the year 1964 that the city saw the construction of its first structure, the historical Covered Bridge, which is still revered by residents today. The Covered Bridge was built to promote the future development of the city, and to its credit, the landmark has certainly accomplished its...Continue Reading!

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Waldrep Dairy Farm

Misty J. Slater

Cooper City was home to the last functional dairy farm in the Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. Waldrep Dairy Farm was first established in 1928 and upon its closure in 2003, Cooper City was granted the farm’s existing acreage of 530-acres. With this additional acreage, Cooper City has since undergone a massive development project to further provide for and accommodate more residents and to add to the overall growth of its city.Continue Reading!

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Brian Piccolo Park

Misty J. Slater

Cooper City is also widely recognized for Brian Piccolo Park—one of the top cricket grounds in the United States. In 2004 the famous park served as home for the Florida Thunder Pro Cricket team and was also the site of the ICC International Cup when the United States played Canada. Brian Piccolo Park also houses one of South Florida’s few cycling tracks, as well as a skateboard park.Continue Reading!

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Pinecrest Gardens

Misty J. Slater

Pinecrest is home to the landmark site, where Parrot Jungle, one of Miami’s oldest attractions, once stood. The site is now inhabited by Pinecrest Gardens, which houses such attractions as an exotic butterfly exhibit, petting zoo, playground and tranquil swan lake. Throughout the year, several events are held at the park including a fine arts festival. During the summer, the park takes on the duties of summer camp. One increasingly popular event at Pinecrest Gardens is the Taste of Pinecrest....Continue Reading!

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Bill Sadowski Park and Nature Center

Misty J. Slater

For nature enthusiasts, the Bill Sadowski Park and Nature Center located in Palmetto Bay is another place of particular interest. Visitors to the park will marvel at the 822-gallon freshwater aquarium that showcases an array of indigenous fish and amphibians, as well as be captivated by the 30-acres of parkland present that encompasses three different habitats. The fascinating habitats comprising Bill Sadowski Park are that of the notorious Everglades, pineland, and hardwood hammocks. If the captivating sights...Continue Reading!

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Charles Deering Estate

Misty J. Slater

Home to the site of a major fossil discovery, the Charles Deering Estate at Cutler is a popular destination in Palmetto Bay. Visitors of the 444-acre historical site can take a first-hand look at the grounds of such discoveries, as artifacts from some of South Florida’s first constructed buildings and fossils dating back to 50,000 years ago.Continue Reading!

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Cape Florida Lighthouse

Misty J. Slater

One of the state of Florida's most notable historical landmarks, the Cape Florida Lighthouse, is located on the southern part of the Key Biscayne and amidst Bill Baggs State Park and Recreation area. Visitors to the Lighthouse may receive a guided tour on the history of Key Biscayne or take part in the numerous recreational activities offered by the park. The park is open 365 days a year from 8 am until sundown.Continue Reading!

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Crandon Park

Misty J. Slater

While sandy beaches may seem commonplace when describing the South Florida area, the beaches inhabiting Key Biscayne provide quite the exception. Of particular note on the island is Crandon Park. Crandon Park provides more than your average park experience by offering an array of activities to entertain visitors all ages. Whether you desire to picnic on the beach, experience the Guided Nature Trails, rent a Kayak or relax in your rented Cabana, there is something for...Continue Reading!

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Miami Seaquarium

Misty J. Slater

Key Biscayne is also home to one of Florida's first and most exciting marine attractions, the Miami Seaquarium. Constituting an exotic oasis spanning 38-acres and featuring eight different marine animal shows daily, the Miami Seaquarium is a must-see by both visitors and residents to the island. The Miami Seaquarium's newest exhibit, Dolphin Harbor, will add to the further delight of audiences as guests will have the opportunity to interact with dolphins firsthand.Continue Reading!

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Getting Around Aventura

The City of Aventura has an Express shuttle bus which is a city-run public bus service. The Broward County Transit bus and the Miami-Dade Transit bus systems run through Aventura. The main road in Aventura is Biscayne Boulevard and the William H. Lehman Causeway. There are no interstates in the city; however, I-95 is merely five minutes from the city. Aventura is conveniently located between South Florida’s two central airports: The Miami International Airport and the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport....Continue Reading!

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